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HD Dichroic™ / HDZC&R Blacklite™ / HD*VR 3-D™


Consultants to the Consultant's for the Control of Electromagnetic Energy, Special Effects Fabrication, Automated Lighting & Show Design for Live and Interactive HD*VR 3-D™ Multimedia Events and Themed Attractions

@utomated Entertainment HD Dichroic™ Is A Joint Venture OEM Design & Manufacturing Company Of Custom Dichroic Filters and Optical Thin-Film Solutions & Components, High Output Ultraviolet & Infrared Fixtures and Devices, Specialty Fluorescent Materials & Expendable Products, Visual Effects That Include ChromaDepth™ 3-D & Projected Imaging, Marine Grade Optical Retrofits, Custom Short Arc and Xenon Lamps, Fiber Optic and LED Illumination, Control and Power Management Systems For Stage, Cinema, Architectural, and The Theme Environment Industries.

Our Product Line Is A Direct Result Stemming From The Need Of Our Clientele And Are Sold Through Dealers And Distributors World Wide.

Workshops Offered


Learn the secrets of using ultraviolet to create special lighting and scenic effects.

From safety issues to ambient light levels, tackle the techniques for using black light and fluorescent expendables in applications for theatres, theme parks, clubs, film and television.

Plus a hands-on opportunity to create your own environment and light it with black light. Play with kitchen science (using household products for special effects and make-up), raw pigments, fluorescent substrates. And work with applications and mixing techniques, creating depth by using specific colors to accommodate Chromadepth™ 3-D Lenses. Then light your scenic creation with ultraviolet light for a little black magic.

Moderator: Jeffrey Hillinger, @utomated Entertainment.

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Other Classes Offered

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For Our HD*VR 3-D™ Multimedia Process


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