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HD-FF88 is the only coating in the world to pass the

             2 hour ASTM-E119 test!!                   

Welcome to the Firefree 88 Website! This site is all about an exciting new fire protection product which applies like paint. This product is going to revolutionize the way buildings and structures are protected from fire. Please take your time and browse all the data contained in these pages. Be sure to visit our product comparison page. Also visit the testing pages (see left) for images and graphs of the product in action. We are sure you will be convinced that this product is going to shape the future of fire protection.

Product Characteristics


What is HD Firefree 88?

HD Firefree 88 is a UL certified, non-toxic, water based, high performance intumescent paint that is effective on either interior or exterior surfaces.

HD Firefree 88 Burn Characteristics

HD Firefree 88 withstands concentrated flame temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees F for two hours and maintains its integrity without degradation. HD Firefree 88 has passed the ASTM8-2 Corner Test for all surfaces of wood and wood products.

The surface burning characteristics per UL 723 and CAN/ULC s102 develops a classification for flame spread index. The test results are established in comparison with combustible (red oak lumber) and non-combustible (inorganic reinforced cement board).

HD Firefree 88 Paints Can be Used to Achieve One and Two Hour Wall Systems

Initial tests have indicated that I-Joists protected with HD Firefree 88 not only lasted approximately four times as long as unprotected I-Joists but maintained their structural integrity in excess of a sawn lumber joist.

HD Firefree 88 limits flame spread and does not readily ignite or contribute to fuel load.

HD Firefree 88 Applications

HD Firefree 88 can be used to provide fire protection for scenic elements and structural systems such as:

perlred.gif (995 bytes)Drywall and Plaster Coatings

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Scenic and Theatrical Construction

perlred.gif (995 bytes)Hotels and Resorts

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Night Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships

perlred.gif (995 bytes)Theaters

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Dark Rides

perlred.gif (995 bytes)Location Based Entertainment Centers

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Parade Floats

perlred.gif (995 bytes)Haunted Houses

And all other construction or trades where fireproofing is required by law. In most cases, fire insurance rates can be drastically cut as a result in using HD Firefree 88.

HD Firefree 88 Specific Products Now Offered

In addition to stock white and neutral base, Automated Entertainment has developed and now offers HD Firefree 88 in the following fluorescent colors.

pmj.jpg (14628 bytes)

Color Monitors May Differ

perlred.gif (995 bytes)HD100 - Fluorescent Pink perlred.gif (995 bytes)HD200 - Fluorescent Red perlred.gif (995 bytes)HD300 - Fluorescent Bright Red 

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)HD500 -Fluorescent Orange perlgren.gif (995 bytes)HD700 - Fluorescent Yellow perlgren.gif (995 bytes)HD800 - Green

perlred.gif (995 bytes)HD900 - Fluorescent Blue perlgren.gif (995 bytes)HD2100 - Fluorescent Magenta perlred.gif (995 bytes)HD5900 - Fluorescent Invisible Blue

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Fluorescent Invisible Clear Yellow  perlred.gif (995 bytes)Invisible Clear Blue perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Neutral Base

All of our fluorescent HD Firefree 88 colors are inter-mixable

Other custom fluorescent colors are available upon request.

Coming in 1999!

@utomated Entertainment is pleased to announce the following products which will be available in the early part of 1999:

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)HD Firefree 88 Scenic Colors

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)White perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Yellow Ochre perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Chromium Oxide Green perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Purple perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Lemon Yellow perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Emerald Green

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Raw Sienna perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Dark Green perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Blackperlgren.gif (995 bytes)Navy Blue perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Golden Yellow perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Orange perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Red perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Cerulean Blue

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Bright Red perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Magenta perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Dark Red perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Turquoise perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Raw Umber perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Video Green perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Burnt Sienna

perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Video Blue perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Clear Flat  perlgren.gif (995 bytes)Burnt Umber

perlred.gif (880 bytes)HD Firefree 88 Pearlescent Colors

perlred.gif (880 bytes)HD Firefree 88 Photo Luminescent Colors

perlred.gif (880 bytes)HD Firefree 88 Coating for Foam

We will also be introducing our new Asbestos Encapsulating System - A multi step process utilizing HD Firefree 88 designed to encapsulate asbestos as an alternative to asbestos abatement.

HD Water Barrier Color Coatings for Water Attractions and Features

We at @utomated Entertainment are excited about our new HD Firefree 88 product line. As with all of our products, Automated Entertainment provides full client technical support for HD Firefree 88.

For more information or for a free video demonstrating HD Firefree 88 go to our contact page.


Approvals I-Joist Test Osb Test 
Hard Board Test Door Test  Shingle Test
T-111 Test Lap Board Test  ASTM E-119
Product Comparison Application & MSDS


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