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The Earth Channel

Visit our Visionary Media Partners in 3-D at Webstock

3-D Fun & Links to Non Profit Organizations that make a difference

Carry The Torch of Peace, Become a Torch Bearer Today

Non Profit Organizations


Impact On Line

Get in touch with people helping people

World Health Organization

Find out Information on Recent Outbreaks and Important Health Issues

Other Non Profit Organizations

Sorry either the following do not have sites yet or we cannot Find them.
Feed The Children
P.O. Box 36 (405) 942-0228
Oklahoma City, OK. 73101-0036

155 Plan Way (800) 556-7918
Warwick, RI. 02886-1099

Goad Ministries International
P.O. Box 226 (513) 773-3612
Piqua, OH. 45356

Greater Europe Mission
P.O. Box 668 (708) 462-8050
Wheaton, IL. 60188-0668

World Vision
P.O. Box 1131 (800) 777-5777
Pasadena, CA. 91131

Trans World Missions
P.O. Box 10 (213) 663-1176
Glendale, CA. 91209-0010

World Wildlife Fund
1250 Twenty-Fourth St. NW (202) 293-4800
P.O. Box 96555
Washington, DC. 20077-7787

Others to Support: Your Local Chapter of The American Red Cross , The Carter Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and The International Children's Fund

Please Let us know if you have a favorite Charity that you would like to post.


Science & Education

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Find out Information on our Past and on our Future in Space

The Discovery Channel

Educating Arts and Science to those who Care

Our Friends & Associates Behind The Scenes


Entertainment on Line presented by Lighting Dimensions International


A Website that dedicates their space for Theatrical Arts & Entertainment Providers and Users (Similar Links)

TMB Associates

An Entertainment Equipment Supply Company Dedicated to those active in the Technical Entertainment Industry (Similar Links)

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Architectural Lighting Magazine

Arts & Entertainment

Some of our Clients

Disney News with lots of 3-D if you know where to look ... Hint... Read A Book, Watch a Video, Go to the Theater.... your on your own from there !!!!

Paramount Pictures

Some 3-D

Universal Pictures some 3-D

Warner Brothers

Some 3-D


Hollywood Art Glass

Our Sister Company

The Automated Entertainment HD*VR™ 3-D Process Guide


ChromaDepth™ 3-D Story

Laserium find out times and locations for Laserock 3-D using the ChromaDepth™ system

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"Don't Forget to Feed The Children"

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