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HD Dichroic™ / ZC&R Blacklite™ / HD*VR 3-D™

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D Dichroic™ Filters & Optical Thin Film Coatings

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HD Dichroic™ Filters & Optical Thin Film Coatings

1" - 24" diameter x 2-5mm Thermal Resistant Substrates

Standard Colors and Thin Film Coatings

HD Dichroic™ Thin Film Coating Specifications

HD 0 Hot Mirror

HD Heat Hobbler™ 0 Hot Mirror Gel Saver

HD Dichroic™ Full Sheet Stock

HD Dichroic™ Price List

Gobos and Projection Patterns

Take A Tour Of Our Lab

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HD Dichroic™ Filters & HD ZC&R Blacklite™ FixturesOptical Thin Film Coatings

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HD ZC&R Blacklite™ Fixtures

HD ZC&R Blacklite™ Fixtures                            Automated  UV Fixtures

Hand Held Inspection, Forensics, Automotive & Special FX Ultraviolet Fixtures

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HD Fluorescent Dry Pigments, Paints & Dyes

HD Fluorescent Paints Dry Pigments, & Dyes


HD Paints & Pigments

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HDFf88 Application & MSDS

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Fluorescent Expendable Products

Water Dye & Expendables

Special FX Make Up

HD Fluorescent Fabrics

HD Snap*It Fluorescent Color Track™

Paint And Things For KiDz

Ultraviolet Fixtures & Fluorescent Expendable Price List

Other HD Fluorescent Expendables That We Offer


HD Gaff Tape

Decorative Vinyl Covering & Signage

HD Water Dye Tablets HD Water Dye Liquid HD Marking Ink HD Stamp Pad Ink
HD Invisible Marking Pens HD Pencil HD Invisible Crayon HD Phosphorescent Paint

Other Expendable Products

HD Band*iT™ KableKeepers™
Sandman Abrasive Finishing Products

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HD Phosphorescent " Glow In The Dark Products"

Specialty Products and Services That We Offer

HD*VR 3-D Glasses and Special Effects

Special FX Products

Fiber Optic & Illuminators

Infrared Covert Fixtures

GFI Dimming

Specialty Xenon & UV Lamps

Submersible & Wet Environment Fixtures

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ublications & Media

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